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Beginning January 1st, Express Signs’s new name will be Seven Barks Graphics. Same commitment to quality and service, same dedicated staff, same ownership, same convenient location…the only thing that has changed is our name.

Why the change?

To us, “Express Signs” never truly reflected who we are as a company…and it certainly didn’t stand out from the crowd of “fast” sign companies out there. “Express” emphasized just one small aspect of our company, missing more important and significant ones. And while we pride ourselves on our responsive service, delivering it “fast and cheap” is not part of our DNA. So, who are we? We are experienced and knowledgeable. We are focused on providing an outstanding customer experience. We are committed to delivery quality signs and graphics. It is the sum total of these attributes and more, that define us as a company, and thus we needed a new identity that would capture and better represent our values.

What does Seven Barks mean?

When thinking about our new identity, we wanted a name that could encompass all the diverse things we do — one that embodied our core principles, was unique and memorable, and a name that represented our deep roots in the Triangle.

And now for a quick history lesson…in 1585, under the charter of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Walter Raleigh commissioned a second voyage to America. That fleet was comprised of seven ships and, back in the 16th century, ships were more commonly referred to as barques or barks. Thus, Seven Barks Graphics. No, we don’t have seven dogs running around our shop.

Besides the name, has anything else changed?

No. We still have the same owner, the same dedicated employees, the same convenient location, and the same commitment to quality and service. The only thing that’s changed is our name.

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